Sunday, March 28, 2010

Brown Lace!! Finally!

Yes, we are The Lace Place, however we are more of a ribbon store than lace. People ask us all the time, why ARE we The Lace Place, when there is more ribbon than lace? When this store started in the mid-eighties, they sold lace, lots of it! When it changed hands, in the mid nineties, there was still lots of lace, however, ribbon was becoming more and more popular! When I opened this store, GULP! almost 5 years ago, ribbon, was it! Sure, few people still wanted Lace, but really, stretch lace (which we are the ONLY store in Utah, and possibly the midwest, who sales stretch, by the yard.) We have focused on providing, exceptional ribbon and and stretch, to our customers, at a very reasonable cost.
Lately, though, there has been a sudden increase in lace trims, maybe because, many of the stores that use to carry laces are now gone. We have widen our selection of laces. Eyelet is available, flat or gathered. We have an array of colored one inch nylon laces, red, pink, yellow, black, blue.  We also carry ruffled sheer, white, ivory, pink and blue.  Come in, you will be surprised at what you will find.
The most difficult to find and most requested lace that has been requested since I have opened this store is brown lace. Yes, we see brown lace on clothing, but for it to be available to the consumer by the yard has been nearly impossible to find. We are very excited to offer 11/2 inch polyester flat cluney lace in chocolate brown.  It is a start, we hope you enjoy it. We do plan on expanding the selection when it becomes available.  As you can see, it is also available in black and chartreuse.
 Please keep in mind that our quest in finding the right products to  fit your needs are always on our mind when ordering. That is why we love our intimate relationship with our customers. We know your needs, and we will always try to fulfill them.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Effective April 1st, we will be selling our ribbon in 1/2 and full yard increments ONLY!
We have had a problem with our inventory selling in the increments we have been and have made the decision that all ribbon will be sold in 1/2 yard and full yard increments only. This will be a better way to serve all of our customers needing ribbon with out falling, just barely short of what they need. Which is something we have seen over and over again in our store.  
Please bear with us, as this will take some getting use to, but over time this will benefit all of you as well. 

Thank you. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grosgrain Flowers......

These two inch flowers are a great addition to spring. Much anticipated and very well received, they arrived in our store this week and so far....our customers LOVE them.
Just in time to make the final touches to that Easter dress, headband, clips, or even projects....pillows, bags, the  possibilities are endless.

These two inch flowers  are also new, brides are loving them! They are just the right size to embellish those sweet flower girl dresses, invitations, even cakes! One bride was putting a cascade of ivory/pink flowers on her cake! These delicate flowers add the right touch to your perfect day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We have restocked all of our clippies and plastic headbands! Our headbands come in 1/4, 1/2  and 1 inch.
Our most popular single prong and double prong clippies are fully stocked, and now our 1 inch and two inch klippie barrettes are finally restocked.

Other things to look forward to:
More pettiskirts, they have been selling very well, we are low right now, but will let you know when we are fully restocked.
Lower priced bows sold in sets. These won't be available in custom, but we first tried them in korker sets at $4.00 a pair and they have done very well. Our customers love them for piggies.
Two inch grosgrain rossettes...we are receiving a variety of colors, these will be a great addition to our vast collection of flowers. We are really excited to receive them in our store!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


What is cute and new are our pettiskirts! They have been selling quick and we will be getting new colors in April. Right now what we have are purple and  hot pink/black combo. They come plain, or you can embellish them with ribbons and flowers as shown! We can even make a cute hair clip to match!
Right now they are only available in size 2t-4t    and 4t-6t.

Silk Flowers with Silk and Pearl Centers

Custom Bows for a personal touch!

What a UNIQUE Headpiece!!

What a UNIQUE Headpiece!!
Peacock Feathers, Ostrich Feathers and Birdcage Netting! This piece has it all!

These are our princess bands...for dress up, they are fun for every little princess.

These are our princess bands...for dress up, they are fun for every little princess.
These also come in white, which are great for blessings. Only $15.00 each

Handmade booties

Handmade booties
I love these booties. We are the only ones that sell these for a modest $15.00 for the pair. I love that these are european and locally made. These are deifinitely a gift worth treasuring and handing down for generations.

Love is in the Ribbon....

Love is in the Ribbon....

Flower Bows

Flower Bows

Polka a dot Daisies!!!

Polka a dot Daisies!!!


Pink and Orange is HOT for Spring and Summer!

Double Ruffle headbands with three flowers $9.00